about being Myself…..


It may not necessarily show in my behavior, but it really is a weird life I’m living. It almost feels like a dream. There’s a strange but striking balance between both the sides of life and I love the darker side no less than I love the brighter side of my life. I’m a processor working 24X7 for finding the perfect ways about everything that surrounds my vision. Silently but sharply I’m always observing, filtering and learning. I’ve no complaints, regrets from this life as I believe there’s a reason behind every phenomenon that completes our lives.

I’m a crazy eternal optimist Indian, and I’m really PROUD being it.

What’s it all about?

Well, I don’t have any professional background to reach out to people the easier ways.
But still, I am here to express myself, no matter what it’s all about. I love to be alive, sensitive and interactive.  If any incindent I come across with hits my mind, I want to share that with whoever is there…..

It’s just a beginning of what may lead to a bigger audience if I keep my soul pure and keep my pen honest.
Feel free to have a word about everything you may like talking about.
1. About love & Life, About loving Life.
2. Breathing CRICKET . Anything related to cricket, which made me FEEL itself, I’d share it here.
3. Movies & more .Every buzz about bollywood, that is entertaining to me.